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Kettle Creek Lodge

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Ray's Guide Service

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Fishing the Salmon River

Salmon & Trout

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The Wulff School of Fly Fishing

P.O. Box 984, Livingston Manor, New York

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Saltwater flies (Bass, Blues, Trout & Albies):



The flies highlighted below in blue have caught shad, gray trout, speckled trout, flounder, sharks, striped bass and bluefish.  Pay close attention to the Go2Fly mark.

Bendback - Artwork by Brian Dougherty


Flies designated as "Go2Fly" are flies that consistently perform and as such are part of the Go2Fly (G2F) Series.  These are flies worthy of a permanent fly box location.


RIGGING - The saltwater flies I use range in weight from light to very heavy.  The reason for the wide selection is that 95% of time I'll fish an intermediate line.  The various weighted flies allow me to cover the full water column, from surface to bottom without changing lines.  This fishing style works for a majority of fishing situations, regardless of whether it's from a boat or shore.  There are times though that weighted lines work best, usually reserved for extremely deep or fast water.  Remember too that many fish will look-up in the water column for forage.  Striped bass will easily travel 10' in the water column to strike a fly.  Lastly, one line simplifies things and allows more fishing time.  I typically top the line off with 6.5' of straight 20 lb. fluorocarbon tippet.


Salt water fly patterns






     Click to enlarge

Deceiver Go2Fly - size 3/0 to 6/0, tied with or without a cone head.  Add eyes and your favorite color of flash.



These are not the only flies I use, but over the years they've been proven winners.  Experienced is based mainly on the Jersey Shore, Martha's Vineyard, Eastern Shore and the Chesapeake Bay.




What do you fish for? (multiple selections are allowed):


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..Bluewater species



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