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Beaver Valley Inn

Lew Beach, New York

Ph. 845-439-4844


The 1880 House

Bed & Breakfast

Pulaski, New York

Ph. 315-298-6088


Kettle Creek Lodge

Cross Fork, PA

Ph. 315-298-6088




Ray's Guide Service

Guide: Ray Ellis

Fishing the Salmon River

Salmon & Trout

Pulaski, New York

Ph. 315-298-7575

Email: Wogiewus@aol.com




The Wulff School of Fly Fishing

P.O. Box 984, Livingston Manor, New York

Ph. 845-439-5020




Salmon flies (Kings):



I've had success using the flies listed below.  While not a complete list it's what predominately fills my fly box and the mouths of the salmon I catch.  Because location, conditions and fishing styles dictate fly selection, the following flies are my selections for the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY using a technique affectionately called chuck-and-duck.  This technique, while scoffed by some for its untraditional liberal use of weight, is the preferred method of local guides who fish the waters daily.  This technique typically incorporates mono or a brightly colored running line as the main line and a two part leader system stepping down to an 8 to 10 pound tippet.  Amazingly enough, with the number of rocks, 100 yard runs and bobbing in and out of anglers, this tippet still holds-up to fish over 30 pounds.  A benefit to using light tippet is it's easier to break should you foul-hook a fish.


CHUCK AND DUCK RIG - Check regulations for leader length and knot connection requirements prior to rigging.  This rig consists of 12 or 15 pound tippet knotted to 8-12 pound tippet either by knot or terminal device (ring or swivel).  All tag-ends at the ring or swivel are trimmed flush except the tag-end of the thicker tippet which is trimmed leaving approximately 3 inches.  The longer tag end is left to add split shot.  The concept of adding split shot to the thicker tippet is it provides more bite for the shot and in the event the weight snags the bottom, the shot will slide off the tag-end verse snapping and losing the entire rig.  Additionally, I use fluorocarbon exclusively when constructing all leaders and tippets.  This same rig can be scaled-down for steelhead by connecting 10 to 6 pound tippet.


King salmon eggs

Freshly fallen salmon eggs from a King salmon on the Salmon River, NY.  Color and opacity are dependent on egg development, water temperature and time left in water.  Eggs are roughly 8mm in diameter.  Click to enlarge.  If you're into Troutbeads, the closest matches are 8mm Sun Orange and Orange.  Natural Roe and Caramel Roe are close matches as well.  If you're into McFlyFoam, Golden is a good match.  To match older spent eggs try Troutbeads in Cream or McFlyFoam in McCheese.


Flies designated as "Go2Fly" are flies that consistently perform and as such are part of the Go2Fly (G2F) Series.  These are flies worthy of a permanent fly box location.


Salmon fly patterns



RECOMMENDED FLIES - Carry good number of flies as the river and fish can quickly chew-up your supplies.  When fishing slows try rotating fly colors.  Often the hot fly in the morning will differ in color from the hot fly in the afternoon.


Woolly Bugger     Click to enlarge

Beaded Woolly Bugger - size 6 and 4, in olive, brown, black, pink/chartreuse and purple.



Beaded Rubberbugger - size 6 and 4, in olive, brown, black and purple.


Parachute Salmon Fly     Click to enlarge

Parachute Salmon Fly Go2Fly - size 4 and 2, in hot pink, chartreuse, purple, white, orange, black and cream.


Krystal Bullet     Click to enlarge

Krystal Bullet - size 8, in fuchsia and orange.


Sparkle Chenille Comet     Click to enlarge

Sparkle Chenille Comet - size 8 to 4, tied with bead-chain eyes in any of the above colors.





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